"Can't Host, Can't Travel" Sir What CAN You Do?

Submitted by Marathon on Mon, 11/25/2019 - 19:22

So we were chatting with our hoe friends the other day and our friend 'Jamal' was complaining about how a lot of guys on the hook up apps have can't host and can't travel in their profile and he tossed his phone down and said "well n*gga what can you do"?

Its been awhile since we've been on a dating app, but we remember the days when we had just moved to the big city and our living situation wasn't conducive to hosting and at the time we didn't drive.  So believe us the struggle was real.  We also realize that RENT IS HIGH.  You might have a straight roommate, you might be living with your ex, you might be living with your boyfriend who doesn't know he's not putting it down like he should, hell you might live with your wife.  We get it.  

What we don't understand is how is "can't travel" still a thing in the year of Rihanna 2019?  Sir if you don't hop your a$$ in an Uber or Lyft and come hop on this d*ck and deep dive in these cheeks.  What do you mean you can't travel?  And if you don't have Uber money, subway money, bus money AND you can't host you need to pick a struggle. Why are you hitting me up and you're 30 miles away.  If you don't hop on somebody's mega bus and get over here. 

Oh and if you think this stops when men hit a certain age it doesn't.  If you're in your 50's and 60's still on this mess, you can block me first and save me the trouble.

"Can you come get me" NO! Because that means I gotta come scoop you, drive back to my place, then drive you back home, THEN drive back home?  When I nutt I want to go to sleep.  And if you can't afford to get over here, I know you don't have gas money for all this back and forth I'm bout to do.  The least you can do is find your way over here and I'll take you home or I come get you and you find a way home. 

Oh and don't let me actually come get you and the sex is whack.  I'mma block you, and call you a Uber just to get you outta might sight for wasting me time.  

Do better. 

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