Dad Shares The Moment He Knew His Son Was Gay "I Always Knew...and To Me You Were Perfect"

Submitted by Take Out on Thu, 07/09/2020 - 12:42

A man!  A father!  This is what unconditional love looks like.  This is what fatherhood looks like.  This is how your gay sons and want to feel seen.  

In a touching post shared to twitter @armanimoon says "wow my dad bouta make me cry"

He then shares a baby picture of him and his father, and the texts his father sent him.  In the text he says:

I will tell you a secret...

At that age you use to love playing with dolls....and I thought it was because you were surrounded by girls.

And now I know it was always in you

And to me you were perfect! 
Because you're mine son

Who is cutting onions in here?

Of course gay twitter loved it.  Check out the tweet and responses below. 

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