Man Gets 12 Years After Stabbed Jack'd Date 16 Times Killing Him

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He's going from Jack'd to jail'd.

The ex-model who admitted fatally stabbing a man he hooked up with on the gay-dating app Jack’d was slapped with 12 years in prison Thursday at a dramatic court hearing in Brooklyn.

David Keegan Riotto Haigh — at times sobbing as he spoke — apologized for the vicious April 2017 attack that ended in the death of James (Koron) Johnson in his Fort Greene apartment.

“I took a life, a horrible fact that I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life,” Haigh said as Johnson’s family looked on. “It was never my intention to take his life. My only intent was not to let him take mine.

“I simply had no other choice,” he continued. “I will live with this guilt for the rest of this life.”

Haigh, of Reading, Pa., was convicted of manslaughter. In addition to his prison sentence, he will serve five years probation.

He was visiting friends in Manhattan when he connected with Johnson on the Jack’d app.

After a night of drinking and doing drugs together in Johnson’s Ingersoll Houses apartment, the pair got into the deadly fight. Haigh knifed Johnson 18 times, including a puncture wound to his heart that proved to be the fatal blow.

Haigh says he acted in self-defense when Johnson tried to inject him with a needle against his will. He was taken to Brooklyn Hospital with cuts on his hand and a broken finger. The jury didn’t buy Haigh’s tale of self preservation — and neither did the judge.

“You acted unreasonably, and you stabbed an individual a substantial number of times,” Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Vincent Del Giudice said. “It’s an absolute tragedy. I’m sure that the day they met in Brooklyn, they didn’t intend to kill each other. They planned to enjoy their company and have fun. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way.”

Johnson left behind five brothers and sisters. On Thursday, Assistant District Attorney Leila Rosini read statements from his three sisters, one of whom laid bare the family’s pain.

“He was my baby brother,” Rosini said, reading a letter from Debbie Johnson. “At the age of 7, he suffered the most terrible loss of his life: Our father was brutally murdered.

“Knowing that my brother, his namesake, suffered the same fate — it’s almost too much to bear,” she said.

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