Mom Drowned 9 Year Old Son She Thought Was Gay Because "Jesus Told Her To Do It"

Submitted by Take Out on Tue, 01/22/2019 - 18:34

A Texas mother drowned her 9-year-old son before dumping his body in a restaurant dumpster near their home on Monday because she thought he was gay and Jesus instructed her to drown him, police said.

Suzane Winters, 38, was arrested Tuesday after the boy’s body was found in the dumpster of a restaurant 4 blocks away from their home.  He was identified by his Elementry School ID the Chronicle reported. Officers initially responded to a body being found when an employee saw birds picking away at the young childs body in the dumpster.

The boy’s father told cops he was supposed to pick the son up for his tutoring session and when he asked the child's mother she said he was over a friend's house playing xbox.

The father began suspicious when he found his son's favorite action figure in the kitchen of the home. "He never goes anywhere without it, ever"

Winters was taken into custody, where she later admitted to drowning her son because she thought he was gay and stated "Jesus told me to do it", but gave no further details.

Winters was charged with murder and is expected to be back in court on Wednesday.

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