Newspaper Won't Print Obituary That Blames Trump For 87 Year Old Woman's Death

Submitted by Take Out on Thu, 01/17/2019 - 14:22

A newspaper refused to publish the obituary of an 87 year-old woman which blamed Donald Trump for killing her. News and politics junkie Francis Irene Finley Williams frequently complained to daughter Cathy Duff about the Republican president, and blamed him for ‘contributing to her decline.’ So when ‘passionate Democrat’ Williams died just before Thanksgiving 2018, Duff submitted an obituary to her local paper, the Louisville Courier-Journal, that ended with: ‘Her passing was hastened by her continued frustration with the Trump administration.’

But staff at the paper in Louisville, Kentucky, warned they could not run the $1,684 advert with the poltical dig, leaving her family furious. They told Williams’ relatives that the line could not run because of a ban on ‘negative content,’ with the grief-stricken family so busy with funeral preparations that they gave in, and let the censored version run. Woman tried to smuggle 24 gerbils by hiding them under her skirt But the Courier-Journal was hit by a huge public backlash after Duff’s brother, Art Williams, shared what staff at the paper had said to his family on Facebook. He wrote: ‘I was, and still am, dumbfounded, surprised, but most of all disappointed and aghast that a once historically courageous American newspaper that exists by reason of freedom of speech would so trivially move to abate the free speech that it seems, when convenient, to hypocritically champion. ‘And over a relatively innocuous sentence…My mom would have been offended.’

Williams’ passionate complaint sparked widespread outrage, with Courier-Journal editor Richard Green apologizing to the family Tuesday. He said: ‘Mrs. Williams’ obituary should have published as it was presented to our obits team and as requested by the family. ‘In this political climate we now find ourselves, partisanship should have no role in deciding what gets included in an obituary that captures a loved one’s life – especially one as amazing as what Mrs. Williams led. ‘I’m certain she is missed greatly by those who loved her. We send the family our deepest condolences and apologies.’


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