Tamar Braxton Says If A Man Lays With You And Doesn't Touch You, He's Gay

Submitted by Take Out on Mon, 11/11/2019 - 14:35

Today in no one asked you to say this, why are you saying this:  Tamar Braxton and her dude must have broken up or he left her for a man because she's on her Instastories sayin if a man does touch you for multiple days — he must be gay.

Braxton ranted on her Instagram stories, Braxton started with, “Truth is ladies that these dudes out here really do be gay!”

She continued, “The truth is ladies that these dudes out here really be gay!! It ain’t enough money, beauty, hair, babies in the world to keep them!! They want D**K!! Periodt!! It’s nothing wrong with you, but they will find EVERY reason in the world to make u not good enough!! If he lays with you for 3, 4, 10 days and he don’t touch u, it’s NOT YOU!! HE WANT A MAN!! And that’s on my momma.”

She also added, “Public service announcement!!!! Periodt!!! It’s time someone says something!!

See the post below:

Tamar, maybe he's just not that into you.  Or he might be tired, or he might be depressed, or he might have had a long day or MAYBE HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.  Statements like this are reckless on top of being stupid.  Do better. 

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