These Hijabi Women Nailed Their Avengers Cosplay For NYC Comic Con

Submitted by Take Out on Sat, 10/20/2018 - 09:51

Over the weekend, a group of women attended the annual event in Avengers costumes like many other attendees. They dressed as characters like Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, but the only difference was that they incorporated their hijabs into the looks. One of the cosplayers, Maliha Fairooz, posted a series of photos of her hero squad to Instagram, writing, "Hello Internet, I give you #HijabHeroes at #nycc2018."

Of course Twitter immediately went into meltdown mode. "YES TO THIS!! MORE HIJABI COSPLAY!!!" wrote one user. "Y'all look incredible and are fighting the good fight!" shared another. "A fantastic approach to our favourite Marvel superheroes, with love and respect to our wonderful Muslim sisters. :)" agreed one more amidst the sea of accolades for the group.

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