You Deserve Someone Who Chooses You, No Matter What

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Often times we doubt our self worth, but thats the worse thing you can do to yourself.  When you know what you are worth there are certain things you won't accept.  When you reach that threshold, you'll know you deserve somoen that chooses you no matter what.

You deserve someone who chooses you the moment the sun wakes up. Someone who chooses to kiss you and let your morning breath be the first thing they taste, rather than coffee. Someone who will roll over and cuddle you for another couple of minutes because your warmth heals the pain and dilemmas of yesterday. Someone who chooses you to have breakfast with rather than the random people in the streets, in that long to-go line, or from a seat that’s not taken.

You deserve someone who chooses you from the beginning of everything.

You deserve someone who chooses you the moment the rays of the sun vigorously strike through your window. Someone who is excited to knock on your door and give you a thoughtful gift – just because they wanted to. Someone who does their best to put a bright stretch on your lips to start the day. Someone who chooses to spend time with you and revel in the most glorious view – just you being together. Someone who won’t let you meet any mixed signals in the street.

You deserve someone who consistently chooses you.

You deserve someone who chooses you the moment the sun has gone to rest. Someone who gives you the most soothing sensation as you both melt in the arms of each other. Someone who shows genuine interest in asking about your day. Someone you can’t wait to share your stories with. Someone who makes your heart shout in delight – better than the time you had your favorite blueberry cheesecake – even when the moment starts to let the silence in.

You deserve someone who chooses you no matter the time of the day.

But the most important thing is this: You deserve someone who chooses you even when the clouds start to rumble.
Someone who will not let your thunders strike hastily against each other and crack the roof that keeps you together. Someone who will not allow the cold breeze linger to your warm bed. Someone who gives the umbrella up for your own sake, but still stays and holds it for you.

You deserve someone who chooses to stay with you no matter how strong the storm is and will be.

I hope you won’t let anything from yesterday hinder you from realizing all these things that you deserve because you really do. You deserve someone who chooses you – your scars, your past, your sunshine, your cyclones, your rainbows.

You deserve someone who chooses you, only you.


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